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No need for Sydney-style lockout laws in QLD

With the release of annual police statistics, Brisbane's entertainment precincts have delivered the lowest assault rates in QLD with a 4% decrease on incidents reported in the last year.

Significant decreases have been experienced in the precincts of Fortitude Valley, the CBD and Caxton Street.  Secretary of the industry group, 'Our Nightlife Queensland,' Nick Braban has said that these results could not have been achieved without the engagement of local business and community stakeholders along with police. He also indicated that current policies to deter violence in Brisbane city are working efffectively and that the proposed introduction of lockout laws similar to those in place in Sydney by the QLD government would have a greater impact on the profitability of surrounding businesses rather than reducing the assault rates further.

Braban says, "This flies in the face of all available evidence coming out of areas like Fortitude Valley, the CBD and Caxton Street that issues around violence are steadilly declining. Assault rates this low are still not being seen in places like Sydney and Newcastle, despite harsh trading hour restrictions. We have got it right in Queensland and we should keep doing what has worked for our state over the past 10 years."

The industry group Our Nightlife Queensland believes that lockout laws are not the answer but that they are happy to work with the government in tackling this issue.


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 19 October 2015