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NSW Aged-Care Facility Death Linked to Salmonella

The death of an elderly man, as well as the hospitalisation of 9 elderly residents, has sparked investigations to be carried out in a number of NSW nursing homes after the causes of such events occurring where suspected to be due to salmonella food poisoning among other health reasons.
This has sparked serious investigations to be undertaken due to reports that cases of Salmonella has doubled in the last decade. 
Results from the investigations has identified that this 23 cases of salmonella food poisoning was found across 10 different facilities within NSW, with 20 of the cases taking place within the same care centre branch.
As the source of the outbreak is unknown, these aged care facilities are now forced to defend themselves and their food safety practices and are stating that the outbreak may possibly be due to third party products.
Regardless of the origin of this outbreak, the importance of strict food safety practices and standards are now being emphasized and undertaken in order to reduce the risk of more individuals falling ill due to salmonella food poisoning.
To read more: 14 February 2015