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NSW - Responsible Service of Alcohol

Moving into the busy summer period you need to contemplate your responsibilities as a licensee and the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) accreditation of your staff.

With more people enjoying the warmer summer weather, out and about socialising with their friends and work colleagues you may have travellers and students joining your workforce. 

Make sure your staff have appropriate accreditation

Depending on the role of a staff member within your venue, you will need to make sure they have the appropriate training and certification to perform their job. You and your staff (including casuals, volunteers, students or travellers) need NSW RSA certification to do any of the following roles:

  • Staff who sell, supply, or serve alcohol on the licensed premises
  • Staff who perform crowd control or bouncer activities
  • RSA marshals, if they are required in the venue by law or licence condition
  • Secretary of a registered club
  • Licensee

For staff who hold a NSW RSA interim certificate remind them that they can only work using this interim certificate for up to 90 days after they completed their training. Please tell them to make an appointment at a participating post office as soon as possible so that they don’t run out of time.  It is around three weeks from the time their photo is taken at the P.O. until the card arrives.

For more information on NSW RSA photo competency cards for licensees and venue operators please go to http://www.olgr.nsw.gov.au/courses_venues.asp