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Numbers from food poisoning outbreak in QLD hit 250 and growing daily

Currently 250 school principals and education staff from QLD have been struck down with what is believed to be salmonella poisoning following a two day conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, up from 175 just yesterday.  Over 1200 delegates were at the event last Thursday and Friday where the G20 Leaders Summit was held only months ago.

It is without doubt one of the worst food poisoning outbreaks in Queensland's history.

Thus far health authorities have had reports of 250 of the delegates attending the conference falling ill with twenty-four of those requiring hospital treatment.

QLD health's chief officer Dr Jeanette Young expressed concern that the numbers experiencing gastro-intestinal symptoms had grown so quickly.  Due to the fact that the menu at the conference was varied,  health authorities are still trying to work out what people have eaten.

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre have suspended supply of both fresh eggs and all poultry products until the investigation is complete. General Manager Bob O'Keefe said that, "We are looking deep into our supply chain to see if there is any possibility that food supplied to the centre was the cause. We are taking this matter very seriously and are cooperating fully with Queensland Health."

Mr O'Keefe pointed out that the centre had had to undergo a rigorous safety audit prior to the G20 Summit late last year.


Source  : ABC News, 4 March 2015