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Older friends a danger to school leavers - RSA and Minors

Young parents or older friends of school leavers are more likely to buy teenagers alcohol, despite an $8,000 fine, our survey shows.

Almost 50% of 18-34 year olds who responded to The Sunday Mail - Nine News State of Families survey said it was ok to supply underage teens with alcohol.

That compared to 79% of people overall who believed it was a no-no..........

Under laws that were introduced in 2008, adults must provide responsible supervision to minors when supplying them with alcohol for consumption in private places such as parties or Schoolies.

"Adult-supervision" is not considered to be someone over 18 years of age, but a mature person who is a parent, guardian or step-parent.

To read The Sunday Mail article in full, November 7, 2010 page 15.

For more information on how and what to discuss with your teenager, visit OLGR.

OLGR Fact Sheet on 'Secondary Supply'. Irresponsible Supply of Alcohol to Minors maximum penalty $8,000.

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