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The only things eating at these Nando's stores are the rats

NANDO’S stores in Perth have been fined and convicted for filthy cooking areas, poor cleaning and hygiene and “extremely high rodent activity”.

For the first time photos taken by health inspectors and showing dirty cooking stations and rat or mouse droppings on floors and across stainless steel benches can be shown publicly after they were obtained through freedom of information laws.

Nando’s outlets in Belmont and Northbridge were among seven WA businesses fined for pest or hygiene failures last year, according to a Department of Health website.

A City of Perth officer who inspected Nando’s in Lake Street, Northbridge, found the store “critically non-compliant” with health standards. “Rat activity complaint. Extremely high rodent activity present. Cleaning and adequate pest control required,” the inspector’s audit found.

The photos show filthy floors, solidified grease and fat down the sides of cooking equipment, mould growing on floor tiles, exhaust vents covered in grease and rodent droppings on floors and stainless steel benches. The inspection was carried out in 2016 and, in February 2017, Nando’s Australia was fined $20,000 plus $1745.50 costs for failing to maintain cleanliness standards, keep equipment clean, eradicate pests and prevent pests from entering the shop or being harboured on the premises. An inspection of Nando’s at Belmont Forum Shopping Centre on Belmont Road, Cloverdale, found cleanliness was “below required standards”.

“In the last 16 months we have implemented and maintained a number of measures to ensure ongoing compliance. This has included the retraining of management and staff so they fully understand our food safety practices and follow the approved Nando’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines and requirements,” a spokeswoman for Nando’s said. “We have also increased this focus across our other restaurants to remove likelihood of re-occurrence.”

The spokeswoman said the Northbridge and Belmont Forum restaurants “have had a number of subsequent inspections from relevant local council authorities which have all been compliant”.


Source : Perth Now The Sunday Times, 21 January 2018