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Payout of $1 million plus to food poisoning victims of ACT restaurant

Following up from a previous article, the Copa Brazilian Churrasco Restaurant in the ACT has now been ordered by the courts in a civil action to pay out two children over the mass food poisoning incident in 2013 that has lead to an estimated $1 million in payouts to victims.

Following the salmonella poisoning outbreak when diners consumed a potato salad that had been made with bad raw egg mayonnaise, the owners of the restaurant in the ACT suburb of Dickson are now facing both civil and criminal court action.

ACT restaurant to pay out estimated $1m to victims of food poisoning


The latest ruling on 4 November 2014 sees the venue pay out two more victims in the amounts of $5446 and $5379 respectively. As both of the victims are juveniles they will not receive the payment until they reach the age of 18 due to infant settlement laws.  The restaurant is also facing criminal charges as Food Safety laws in the ACT specify that someone can be criminally charged if they knowingly or negligently sold unsafe food.

The outbreak in 2013 saw more than 100 people affected and 15 people were hospitalised.

The restaurant has since closed its doors.

The Victorian egg supplier from whom they got the 'bad eggs' certainly has a lot to answer for ......


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 5 November 2014