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Poisoning increasing

Over the past 20 years food poisoning has more than doubled. The experts believe that people are washing their meat prior to cooking. Campylobacter poisoning notifications have increased from 8782 in 1991 to 17, 717 for 2011.

The Food Safety Information Council advise that 50 percent of people washed raw poultry, which contains 1000,000 campylobacter per carcass. It is also unnecessary and more likely to spread the bacteria if washed. Bacteria is killed through correct cooking. Washing the carcass can spread the bacteria (cross contamination) to other parts of the kitchen.

So the message is with Christmas just around the corner and plenty of chickens, ducks and turkeys being served, is it is NOT necessary to wash the poultry.

Source: The Sunday Telegraph 18 Nov 2012