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Potato and mushroom curry almost proves fatal

Rajiv Kaur had been so excited to eat her mother's traditional potato and mushroom curry as it was an old favourite that reminded her so much of home. For such a simple home cooked meal to put Rajiv's life in danger almost defies belief but that is what happened. The button mushrooms in the dish had somehow become contaminated with a number of death cap mushrooms, highly poisonous as they release deadly toxins into the body if consumed. Around 1am the following morning, the three people who ate the curry, including Rajiv, became violently ill. By 5.30pm that evening Rajiv was in the emergency department of Canberra's Calvary Hospital, where she suffered multiple organ failure over the next 48 hours and had to have an emergency liver transplant to save her life. In addition to this, she required follow up surgery on her bowel which saw her in a coma for six or seven days and was then hospitalised for a further period of four months. Now 25 year old Rajiv is suing Woolworths which she claims sold her the mushrooms laced with the death caps. Woolworths is denying responsibility for the poisoning, exerting that an ACT Health and Police Investigation last year found no evidence of death cap mushrooms at the store in question. Further complicating the matter is the fact that the mushrooms were allegedly purchased from Woolies around two weeks prior to her mother cooking them which would mean that it is unlikely that the same batch of mushrooms was present when the investigation took place. In addition, she has no record of the transaction as she says she paid cash on the day and had no reason to keep the receipt. It is now a waiting game to see which way the court case will go for her. Source : Newcastle Herald, 14 June 2015