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Pregnant women need to remember food safety to avoid risks

Listeria is a bacterial infection transmitted from eating contaminated foods. With Australian food standards, Listeria infections are extremely rare.

However, it is important all pregnant women avoid high-risk foods because of the significant risk they pose. Listeria crosses through the placenta to your baby and can lead to miscarriage, still birth, premature birth or rupture of the membranes and/or very sick newborn babies.

Obvious foods to avoid during pregnancy include soft cheeses including brie, camembert, blue cheese and ricotta, takeaway cooked diced chicken, cold meats, pate, prepared or stored salads and coleslaws, raw seafood, unpasteurised dairy products and/pr chilled ready to eat foods. 

When ordering out, keep it simple..... order something cooked and hot.

From: The Gold Coast Bulletin, 15 November 2010 Page 18

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