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QLD introduces Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Amendment Bill 2015

The Queensland Government has, over the past 9 months, honoured its commitment to standing up to alcohol-fuelled violence and on Thursday 12 November 2015 took this further with the introduction of the Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Amendment Bill 2015 to Parliament.

11th December 2015

The ultimate goal of the comprehensive policy Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence policy is to keep the people of Queensland safe when they are out at night.

The proposed key policy initiatives that those in the industry need to be aware of are as follows :

Reduced trading hours and lockouts

From 1 July 2016, the service of alcohol in all licensed premises across Queensland will cease at 2am. Safe Night Precinct (SNP) local boards will be able to apply for approval for venues in their precinct to continue trading until 3am. Premises approved to trade to 3am will be subject to a 1am lockout if they intend to serve liquor past 1am.

All venues can remain open beyond 2am, or 3am in approved SNPs, to serve food, non-alcoholic beverages and provide entertainment. The 30 minute grace period will continue to apply.

Venues with gaming machines may continue to offer gaming in accordance with their existing licence conditions, notwithstanding the changes to their liquor trading hours.

Casinos, licensed premises in airports and industrial canteens will continue to trade as at present and will not be subject to reduced trading hours or lockouts.

All licensed premises can still apply for up to 12 one-off extended permits each year. This permit will allow them to extend the service of alcohol until 5am for one-off events such as sporting events and New Year's Eve.

Ban on supply of high-alcohol content drinks after midnight

From 1 July 2016, the sale and supply of high-alcohol content and rapid consumption drinks (such as shots) will be banned after 12 midnight. The definition of what will be categorised as a rapid consumption drink will be contained in regulations and be developed in conjunction with stakeholders.

Venues, such as whisky bars, that specialise in the sale of high-value or premium spirits that are not meant to be consumed rapidly, will be able to apply for an exemption to the ban. For an exemption to be granted the Commissioner must be satisfied the venue does not seat more than 60 patrons at one time and is only selling or supplying premium spirits that do not encourage rapid consumption.

Extended trading hour applications

Effective immediately, applications for extended trading hours for the sale of takeaway liquor beyond 10pm will not be granted. Outlets currently approved to sell liquor past 10pm will not be impacted by this change.


SourceQLD OLGR website