existing student?

Queensland RSA & RSG Regulation changes

What is happening?
Queensland State government is in the processing of moving from OLGR RSA and RSG training courses to the commonwealth national statement of attainment.
Current OLGR  RSA and RSG certificates will continue to be recognised as acceptable evidence of training for a three year transitional period from date of issue.
Following proclamation (passed as law) expected implementation date 1 July 2013 (was suppose to be 1 Jan 14),  approved training certification will be statement of attainment which is provided on completion of training. We are awaiting confirmation on the implementation date but depends on Parliament.
Once a statement of attainment has been granted, neither the Liquor Act nor the Gaming Machine Act will require renewal of training. There will no longer be a need to do a RSA or RSG bridging course.
What does this mean for you and or your business?
On the average, about 80% of everything you learn in any given day is forgotten.  What’s more interesting is that when some information comes in, sometimes other information comes out.   So now the question is, how do we ensure that your employees retain the information that they learnt in training?
Based on new laws, staff will no longer be required to renew their skills and knowledge every three years. This could be very risky for your venue given the fact on retaining information. Staff could forget what they have learnt in training and therefore not have up to date knowledge when working at your venue.
What can CFT do to help?
Licensees as part of their RAMP strategy have the option to set a guideline for all staff to renew their training, for example every 3 years, as it is currently. This will help your venue ensure that their staff are up to date with legislation and their skills and knowledge is current. 
No-one wants staff who certification is more than three years, as we all know how we forget.
CFT will continue to provide the national statement of attainment.  It is important to note that the national RSA unit does not train in Queensland Regulations; CFT will continue to provide courses that teach both the national and Queensland regulations. Yes, we are clever!
What now?
Please feel free to contact CFT with any questions or for recommendations to ensure your venue staff have current skills and knowledge.