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Raising the Bar

The Football Commission of WA is encouraging all WA Football League clubs to embrace a State Government Programme to promote responsible drinking.

The WAFC said that its district managers were actively engaging clubs in the state government programme "Changing Attitudes to Alcohol Through Sport (CAATS)". This was particularly evident at the first stage of the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor refresher workshops that have been attended by around 165 of WA's sporting club representatives over the past six months.

CEO of the Lathlain-based Perth Demons Marty Atkins has said that they had not held happy hours at their club's bar for a couple of years. Most of the staff have completed RSA's this year while four had also completed an Approved Managers course.

"Our players have the expectation they have to do all they can to present themselves week in and week out to play high quality football - the excessive consumption of alcohol certainly won't allow this to happen."

Players are aware of the consequences of any behaviour related to the excessive consumption of alcohol. Drinking during the week in the lead-up to game day is entirely unacceptable.


Source  :  inmyCommunity, 22 July 2014