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Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2011 is being held from 23 to 29 May.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week seeks to encourage:

  • gamblers to develop responsible gambling habits and behaviours with the key messages of “staying in control” and “setting limits” and
  • people experiencing problems to get help.

For most people gambling is an enjoyable leisure and entertainment activity, but for some, gambling can develop into a serious problem that has a range of negative social, health and financial impacts. Problem gambling is an issue of concern not only for the person with a gambling problem but also for families, the gambling industry, the community and governments.

For more information on staying in control of your gambling and how to get help. Visit Responsible Gambling in Queensland.

Ensure you are compliant with new RSG regulations by completing an online QLD OLGR Approved RSG Training Course with CFT QLD. Our course is 100% online and support is available 7days and week, 7am - 10pm. Complete your training when and where you want and download your certificate immediately upon completion.