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Rodent droppings in Adelaide Bakery

Rodent droppings, together with insects, have been found in the batters of an Adelaide bakery and are among more than 100 alleged breaches of food safety standards being brought against them.

The breaches came to light following inspections by food compliance officers from the Charles Sturt Council between September 2013 and February 2014. The allegations include selling champagne ham and bacon that were three months past their use-by dates.

Inspectors say that the Champion Bakery, Beverley breached a total of 106 food safety standards as set by the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Food items were incorrectly stored, leading to potential contamination as well as the bakery not being properly maintained in a way that would prevent pest activity. The inspectors also found that staff had not been properly trained with respect to hygiene procedures and food safety. It is also alleged that the owner of the bakery, Michael John Nickols, deliberately obstructed a compliance officer by locking a door in February that the inspector was trying to enter.


From : Hospitality Magazine, 24 April 2014