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'Saferide' in Toowoomba - A liquor action group initiative

'Saferide' is an exciting initiative of the Toowoomba Liquor Industry Action Group which industry experts are hoping will catch on in other areas of the state.

It provides a regular public transport service on two of Toowoomba's bus routes each and every Saturday night. For just $5 each way, the Saferide service picks up from designated venues enroute to Toowoomba City while the return Saferide service delivers patrons 'to their front door'.

At present around 60 people are using the service each Saturday night with the number expected to increase as patrons become more aware of its availability.

The initiative was developed with the aim of lessening the risk of people drink-driving by offering them a safe way to get to and from venues after they had consumed alcohol. It operated with positive results over the festive season recently and, with a lay-off in January, returned this month.


Source  :  Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, February 2015