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Salmonella outbreak Canberra

The Canberra Hospital had to activate an emergency lockdown protocol due to the high influx of patients with affected by the salmonella outbreak. Around 100 diners were allegedly affected.

Allegedly they had all eaten at a Brazilian restaurant over the Mothers Day weekend, with at least 30 of the cases according to laboratory tests have pinpointed salmonella as the cause.
The Copa Brazilian Churrasco's website stated they are cooperating with ACT Health to determine the cause of a suspected food health issue and the ACT Health has declined to comment on the outbreak.

The Honeybee family were interviewed on Today Tonight having dined at this restaurant and one by one they all became violently ill and went to the hospital. They have had to take time off work due to this food poisoning outbreak.

One of the largest payouts in Australia due to salmonella poisoning, KFC was ordered to pay $8 million after one of its Twister wraps left Monika Samaan, a 14-year-old girl severely brain damaged.

To see more of the Today Tonight video 16 May 2013


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