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Salmonella outbreak at Gold Coast cafe

After eating at the organic health food cafe Grocer and Grind in Broadbeach last week, more than 20 of the cafe's diners were struck down with suspected salmonella poisoning.

In a twist that has left a sour taste in many of the affected diner's mouths, it has been revealed that, even though the head chef was rushed to hospital on Sunday morning after eating the suspect eggs, the cafe continued to sell them in food to their customers for the next couple of days. Astoundingly, this was in light of the fact that a second chef was also rushed to hospital with food poisoning the very next day!

Health inspectors from the Gold Coast City Council arrived to inspect the property on Tuesday and cleared the cafe but could not confirm that the eggs were the source of the contamination as the cafe had thrown out its stock of eggs on Sunday.

It soon became evident, however, that the eggs were the culprit as more and more customers came forward who had eaten eggs at the cafe. One woman, who had eaten eggs benedict at Grocer and Grind on Saturday morning, was admitted to Robina hospital that night and spent three days on a drip.

The eggs had come from the same farm that had been involved in the mass food poisoning last month of educational staff at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre which saw over 250 people struck down with salmonella poisoning.



Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 13 March 2015