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Scores on doors programme praise the best eateries in Bankstown

From next month, diners in Bankstown will be able to choose the eateries with the highest quality food ratings due to the introduction of signs on shopfronts with the 'Scores on Doors' programme.

According to 2013/2014 Office of State Revenue data, the Bankstown local government area received the dubious honour of having the highest number of food safety breaches per resident. This has led both the NSW Food Authority and the Bankstown Council to turn up the heat on those operators with poor food safety and hygiene standards.

The Mayor of Bankstown, Khal Asfour, said that  'Scores on Doors' would show locals and visitors alike how well food businesses in the area were complying with food standards.

"The programme is a win-win for both diners and restaurant and food establishment owners," Mayor Asfour said. "our diners know that they will not only be eating quality dishes, but that it has been prepared following the highest hygiene practices."


Source  : Daily Telegraph, 20 August 2014