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Seafood labelled as 'Australian' after crossing the globe

How is this for crazy?

Fish that are caught in the Atlantic Ocean by trawlers from South Korea are then processed in China and New Zealand and are legally touted as being "Made in Australia" as they are repackaged here.

Yep ... we did say crazy! All of this comes as literally thousands of people flood doctor's surgeries requesting blood tests to determine whether they have contracted hepatits A in the wake of the imported berry scandal.

Andrew Baker, a senior lawyer from Slater and Gordon, said that they have heard from around 1000 people who are awaiting test results or who have already been diagnosed with hepatitis A. The firm is looking to launch a class action against the importer of the frozen berries to compensate the people for pain and suffering as a result of the contamination.

Senator Nick Xenophon intends to grill senior government figures at next week's estimate hearings regarding the fiasco of frozen fish and fish fingers that are being "flogged off" as "Made in Australia" despite the fact that they were caught and processed in Asia.

He states that labelling issues are affecting jobs. "Thousands and thousands of Australian jobs would be created if we had decent food labelling," he said.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott wouldn't, at this stage, commit to wholesale changes to biosecurity and labelling.

In a statement sure to haunt him for many a time to come he stated that, "It is the duty of businesses not to poison its customers."

Ah yes well it always does help when a business knows where the product has actually come from doesn't it?


Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 20 February 2015