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Stale bread could be a thing of the past.

A private company founded by Professors in Texas Tech University in Lubbock have developed the technology to extend the shelf life of bread for up to 60 days without it moulding.  It works by using microwave pulse frequencies from multiple sources to pasteurise food.

The company MicroZap is behind the promotion of this new technology in an effort to kill the  superbug known as MRSA, an exceptionally dangerous drug resistant infection that  is currently an endemic  within numerous US hospitals.

Don Stull Chief Executive of MicroZap said, “What we are trying to do is give some ability to have a long shelf life without the preservatives.” 48 million Americans are exposed to contaminated food annually with outbreaks in 2012 being linked to melons, mangoes, meat and peanut butter. MicroZap claims its technology is more effective at killing salmonella and E. Coli than current methods.

From: The Sun Herald, December 2nd 2012

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