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Stomach churning stuff at this Chinese restaurant!

14th December, 2015

A work crew that had been contracted to remove kitchen fittings from a newly-closed Chinese restaurant in suburban Perth filmed a video of the “sickening” conditions that they found in the kitchen which they sent along with a number of still images to Fairfax Media. The images depicted the unnamed restaurant (how unfortunate) as a haven for cockroaches, grease and grime.

“Removing the extraction vents for the cookers, we stumbled across tendrils of white grease hanging from the top of the vent and the galvanized grey of the sheeting used to construct the flume or vent was indistinguishable,” one of the workers said.

"On the sides and roof of the vent system was a minimum of five millimetres of black tar. The base of the vent system had a pool that had between 12-15 millimetres of a black glassy goop. As we cleaned out the stove we were delighted to see how easily it came out. Oh sorry, that was came apart...or fell apart.”

To add insult to injury the workers say that they found the cooking elements to be caked with food particles, rusted fittings and cockroaches scurrying across the floor.

Now in news certain to turn the most robust of stomachs, the workers also noted that the restaurant was trading a mere 48 hours before they were contracted to remove the kitchen’s fittings earlier this week.

All I can say is thank god I had never eaten there …….


Source  :  WA Today, 7 December 2015