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The Sunday Mail - Raw food gut-bug culprit

CONTAMINATED sushi, raw eggs and uncooked meat have fuelled a surge in the number of people infected by salmonella. During the second quarter of 2011, there were 704 salmonella notifications in Australia, compared with a five year average of 612 cases for the same period of the year.

Australian Medical Associaltion councillor Brian Morton said our love of sushi and raw eggs were behind the rise. "raw fish is a common sourse of salmonella,"Dr Morton said. "I think the fact Australians have a broadened palete and are eating more takeaway and sushi could be a reason for the increase. 

"Eggs are another major source of salmonella, so people need to watch the use-by-date when they are making egg based sauces. It needs to be made fresh daily." There were several outbreaks of salmonella around the country caused by eating aioli prepared with raw eggs, chicken kebabs, deep-friend ice cream prepared with raw eggs and pork rolls. There was also an outbreak of salmonella in an aged-care facility  caused by fluid thickener believed to be cross-contaminated with chicken minice.

Australasian Integrative Medicine Association president Kerryn Phelps said the figures were in line with what she sees in her surgery. "This whole gut bug business has been a bother to me a lot in the last few years."  Professor Phelps said. "These figures are not surprising to me becuase clinically I am seeing more cases, so this is consistent with what I am seeing in clincial practice.

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Sunday Mail Newspaper Articule - 27 November 2011

Brianne Domjen