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Sydney Chefs Are Livid Over A State Government Crackdown On Medium-Cooked Burgers

Now the state government has a new target in its sights: the wave of fancy burger joints that have popped up all over the city in the last few years. NSW Food Authority inspectors have begun cracking down on burger places that cook their patties less than well done or leave the centre of the patties pink — a restriction which puts plenty of popular establishments that pride themselves on cooking juicy, flavoursome burgers in the firing line.

State hamburger food safety guidelines, which you can read here if you’re really in a partyin’ mood, dictate that “minced meat should be cooked right through to the centre” and suggest a temperature of 71°C. Problem is, chefs like Neil Perry, who’s opening four new burger restaurants across the city later this year, prefer to cook their patties as low as 55°C to keep them tasty. It’s the same principle as steak: a medium-rare steak has more bacteria, but most people will still prefer it to a well-done steak because they don’t hate themselves and the very concept of taste.


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