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Top Gold Coast restaurant slapped with $20,000+ fine for continued food safety breaches

Southport's Top One Chinese restaurant has been served a fine of $22,500 plus costs for breaches that can only be described as a menu of monstrosities following raids by health inspectors from the Gold Coast City Coucil.

The licensee of the restaurant, Ricky Kwok Fai Wong, appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on Friday to enter a guilty plea to breaches of the Food Act.

As restaurant staff were preparing for the day's trade on 29 December last year, council inspectors arrived and what they found would have turned even the strongest of stomachs. They found open bags of peanuts containing rodent droppings, raw meat was covered with a tablecloth, dirty bowls and containers were ready for use and both live and dead cockroaches were on the floor.

Inspectors catalogued what they found and slapped the restaurant with a breach notice for "an unsatisfactory standard of cleanliness." Along with the above breaches, they also noted that they found cockroach body parts, crabmeat stored in uncovered and dirty containers and a variety of food in containers with no lids.

Over the past five years the restaurant had received four improvement notices.

The lawyer representing the licensee noted that the managers of the restaurant have hired a health consultant on an ongoing basis as well as instigating other measures to ensure that there would be no further food safety breaches in the future.


Source  :  The Courier Mail, 11 April 2015