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Unchanged Club Hours

Under the Queensland Government's Safe Night Out Strategy, party-goers who get out-of-control and the licensed venues that serve them will be put on notice.

On the Gold Coast yesterday, Premier Campbell Newman revealed that the Drink Safe Precinct was to be expanded and a 'mystery shopper' approach would be introduced in monitoring licensed venues, though he has stopped short of restricting trading hours.

Offenders would be taken to 'sober safe centres' and may also be forced to do community service in the area where their offence was committed.

The legislation is aimed at targeting those who endanger themselves and others without punishing those who are simply out to have a good time.

The Premier also announced a new offence of unlawful striking causing death for those who kill another by coward-punching them.

The draft legislation is open for public comment for the next 30 days before it becomes law and will be subject to a formal statutory review after one year.


From: Gold Coast Bulletin, 24 March 2014