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WA warned to avoid eating raw or partly cooked eggs - Salmonella food poisoning

West Australians are being warned to avoid eating raw or partly cooked eggs because of a surge in cases of salmonella food poisoning.

 Reports of salmonella gastroenteritis are at records levels and have been linked to particular molecular types associated with eggs.

The WA Health Department said yesterday there had been 713 reported infections from salmonella typhimurium by the end of April, which is 4 1/2 times the usual number.  The infection was com-monly associated with consumption of foods containing raw or under-cooked eggs.

One million eggs are sold across WA daily.

A number of egg brands had been implicated.

The department said that while eggs were a good source of vitamins and minerals, like many other foods they could be contaminated with bacteria, including salmonella. It was important to handle and prepare eggs safely to reduce the food poisoning risk.

“The department recommends that people don’t use cracked or dirty eggs in raw egg dishes,” she said.  “If possible, it is best to avoid any uncooked foods or dishes that contain raw egg.
“This is because it is impossible to guarantee the safety of eating raw eggs and dishes that contain unpasteurised raw egg products.”  

People were advised to prepare egg dishes as close as possible to the time of eating them and refrigerate them at or below 5C. 

It is important to wash and dry your hands after handling eggs.


Source:  The Western Australian  8 June 2017

Source:  MSN News June 15 2017



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