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Washing hands well, food safety go hand in hand

A reminder of the importance of correct hand washing has been sent out by NSW Minister, Katrina Hodgkinson, for Primary industries in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning and foodborne illness.

She states that “More than four million cases of food poisoning are reported in Australia each year and poor personal hygiene has been identified as a common cause,” and emphasises that “Hand washing is the most simple and yet the most effective means of reducing your risk of food poisoning.”

She continues to talk about the importance of good and thorough hand washing as she states that the top reminder would be “to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before beginning to prepare or eat any meal” and goes on to say that not only does it remove dirt and other leftover foods, but also harmful viruses and bacteria. Ultimately preventing these potentially harmful susbstances from spreading to food, work surfaces and equipment.

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