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Which countries have failed recent Australian food tests?

It seems that the frozen berries are not an isolated incident unfortunately ..

Many will not be surprised to find out that China leads the list of countries that have failed Australian food tests in the past six months. However, in a surprising twist, Italy is the source of some of the nastiest organisms.

A mere day after it was revealed that food is being sent to Australia to be sold with salmonella, listeria and bacteria that causes cholera, the countries that are leading the way for failed food can be named and shamed.

China, with its appalling hygiene and food safety standards led the way out of 34 countries with a total of 29 cases, followed by Italy with 19 and France with 14 just to name a few between the months of July and December last year.

India had four cases of salmonella in sesame seeds, chilli powder and desiccated coconut while Sri Lanka had six cases of histamine. This causes the fish poisoning known as scombroid, a rare occurrence, which resulted in the deaths of a Queensland mother and daughter last year in Bali and is believed to have poisoned four people just this week who ate imported tuna in a salad at a Sydney cafe.

Prime MInister Tony Abbott has been put under extraordinary pressure in light of the hepatitis A outbreak from the frozen berries from China to do something about the debacle that is our current food labelling laws. After only stating last week that changing the food labelling laws would prove to be 'difficult,' he has bowed to public pressure and, let's face it, common sense that something has to be done.

In the coming weeks Cabinet will consider the options available in order to enable shoppers to make informed decisions about where the products that they purchase have come from under new clear country of origin labelling.

One honestly cannot help but think, "Well it's about bloody time!"


Source  :  The Courier Mail, February 27 2015