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Woolies denies serving 'rodent' snack : police now on board

Police involvement has been welcomed by the family of Emilie Petrusic after claims that she bit into a dead mouse in a rice paper roll as they believe that it will prove their innocence.

Emilie got the shock of her life on Sunday when she found the mouse in the rice paper roll that she had purchased at Woolworths at Broadbeach. Woolworths and Gold Coast Health have liased directly with the police after the incident was reported immediately to the store.

A statement from Woolworths issued on Monday states that the mouse entered the product after it had been purchased and left the store, though that is yet to be confirmed.

Dr Paul Van Buynder, the unit head of Gold Coast Health, said the investigation was now focused on how the rodent could have gotten into the roll. Tests are being done on the product in Brisbane at present. He said that they didn't believe that there was a problem with the way that the food had been prepared and, as such, the store has remained open.

Emilie said that she didn't care whether people believed them or not as those who knew them best trusted that what they had said happened did actually happen.

A spokesman for Woolworths said that they take food safety extremely seriously and that they were happy that the matter had been referred to the Queensland Police for investigation.


Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 3 December 2014