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You certainly can't eat off the floor of this popular Gold Coast cafe!

20th July, 2015

Katie Goodwin, the owner of the Little St Kilda cafe in Palm Beach, has been slugged with a $12,000 fine after pleading guilty in the final hours before she was due to face court for multiple alleged food safety breaches.

On 21st May, 2014 food safety inspectors from the Gold Coast City Council discovered a build-up of dirt, grease and food waste on the floor that the magistrate contends would have been "easy to clean." The charges and subsequent fine also related to maintenance and repair issues such as unpainted areas and having timber surfaces that are unsealed. The prosecutor acting on behalf of the council tendered photos of the breaches to the court and stated that there was evidence of a refusal to act by Ms Goodwin for a period of 19 months.

Little St Kilda Espresso & Burger Bar

Representing herself in court, Ms Goodwin contended that the angle that the photos were taken at "made the photos look worse than they were." She also stated that the staff had taken advantage of her absence while she was away setting up a new business in Byron Bay.

Magistrate John Costanzo said that, " It's very clear there was a total breakdown and lack of training and supervision of your workers. It simply isn't good enough to say here today that you were doing it tough financially and you were relying on your employees."

As a result he fined Ms Goodwin $12,000 for the breaches and ordered her to pay court costs of more than $1500 to the council.

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Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 16 July 2015