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Young women hitting the booze and injuring themselves in record numbers

A new national study has found that the number of women who are presenting at emergency departments with alcohol-related injuries is increasing at an alarming rate.

Between the years 2005 - 2012 the sharpest rise in alcohol-related injuries for women was in the 15 to 19 year age group. In that time the number increased by more than 60%. Several factors may have led to this dramatic increase but there seems to be a distinct shift in the drinking culture of young women. Tanya Chikritzhs, the leader of the research study, said, "Once upon a time it was frowned upon for young ladies to drink too much in public, now the girls do their best to keep up with the boys."

It is also interesting to note that young women today have higher disposable incomes than they have had in the past and they are being targeted and bombarded by advertisers and marketing. The research is the first to analyse those who present at emergency departments rather than actual hospital admissions, as data from the ED's tends to capture more effectively the less serious but more frequent alcohol-related injuries. The study includes not only those who have hurt themselves but also includes those who were the victims of someone elses drinking.

Professor Chikritzhs contends that if governments were really serious about curbing alcohol-related violence, then they would reduce the trading hours of licensed venues.


Source : The Sun Herald, 21 June 2015