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  • Networked ID scanners – have your say

    The QLD Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) is encouraging key industry stakeholders to have their say on the proposed minimum technical requirements of operators of the mandatory Identification Scanning System which is a key initiative under the Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy.

  • Food safety just as important as taste in 'Scores on Doors' video

    The NSW Food Authority launched a new video promoting the 'Scores on Doors' programme during its regional visit to Merimbula on Thursday 31 July 2014 in recognition of the Bega Valley Shire Council's joining of the recently refreshed and improved programme.

  • Product Recalls - August

    The NSW Food Authority advises that the following products have been recalled :


    • Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy and Beanies 50g bar - plastic flo-wrap packaging with purple background and colours on image. Best before 25/02/2015 and 26/02/2015



  • Could a cafe get away with bad coffee?

    Australians are becoming increasingly fussy about the quality of the coffee that they enjoy whilst dining out, being more fond it would seem of a freshly ground brew that has been made by their local barista than the instant variety. We Aussies LOVE our coffee ; it is quickly becoming the national pastime!

  • Raising the Bar

    The Football Commission of WA is encouraging all WA Football League clubs to embrace a State Government Programme to promote responsible drinking.

  • Cybercrime targets hospitality

    If you are in the hospitality industry then you should be concerned about network and security privacy (NSP). Most boards regard it is among their major business risks ... with good reason.

  • Expiry of old-style paper RSA/RSG certificates

    Paper certificates for RSA/RSG in NSW that were issued up to 31 December 2008 have now expired.

    All certificates issued in 2009 will expire on 30 June 2015 and those issued from 1 January 2010 to 21 August 2011 will expire on 30 June 2016.

  • Speak English? An extra 10% on your bill thanks so much!

    A Mandarin restaurant in Sydney's CBD charges its English speaking customers around 10% more than its customers who speak Chinese it has been revealed.

  • Hospitality being strangled by red tape

    There are very few industries that are regulated to the extent that the tourism and hospitality industries are.

    The hospitality industry is regulated to such an extent that even the most basic managerial thinking is tightly controlled. As an industry, it is instructed through regulations or laws on the following, to name just a few :

  • QLD councils turning a blind eye

    Restaurants that have been repeatedly prosecuted for dodgy hygiene practices are having the details of it hidden in major cities and tourist destinations.

    There is mounting pressure on the councils for these areas to follow the lead of the Brisbane City Council and name and shame eateries that fail inspections and introduce a star rating system for food safety.