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  • Avoid Eating Spanish Mackerel on North Coast NSW

    Due to an increased risk of ciguatera poisoning, the NSW Food Authority is advising people to avoid eating Spanish Mackerel above 10kgs.

    Two recent incidents on the mid north and far north coast have been reported and, as a result, commercial fishers, recreational fishers and consumers are being advised not to eat large Spanish Mackerel.

  • Pubs in Sydney on the Brink due to Lockouts

    As a result of the new lockout measures in Sydney that came into effect this week, many clubs and pubs face possible closure.

    David Sylvester, a hospitality legal expert from Sylvester & Browne Solicitors, said that in recent weeks he had spoken extensively with owners of clubs and pubs that lie both within the precinct and outside of it.

  • Fine Food Queensland Returns to Brisbane 2014

    An incredible opportunity to bite into something local when the Fine Food Queensland event rolls back into Brisbane in April!

  • Cockcroaches run wild in a Popular Main Beach Restaurant

    A restauranteur was fined $20,000 for breaches under the Food Act, with the maximum penalty being $50,000.

  • Ciguatera poisoning from mackerel caught on Gold Coast

    Fisherman are being warned to throw back large mackerel weighing in excess of 6kg, and to avoid eating the head, fish roe and all internal organs as this toxin is concentrated.

    Noel Brindley together with 3 others shared a large 12-15kg spanish macherel caught last week whilst fishing on the Gold Coast.  They suffered gastro-like symptons, fainting, extreme itching.

  • Women May Have Been Killed by Warm Fish

    The lives of Noelene Bischoff and her 14 year old daughter Yvana could have been saved by something as simple as storing the fish in a colder area.

  • Death of Couple In Bali Blamed on Rare Fish Poisoning

    The deaths of Sunshine Coast mother Noelene Bischoff and her 14 year old daughter were most likely caused by a rare and devastating combination of food poisoning, lingering asthma and migraine tablets.

    The family met with coronial authorities from Queensland yesterday afternoon and were briefed on potential causes of death.

  • There is Nothing Funny about Food Poisoning

    In a worst case scenario, food poisoning can prove to be deadly.

    Diners face potentially fatal dangers if their favourite take away outlet fails to handle the food according to food safety standards.

    To see how eating a kebab can result in you having a 9 day stay in hospital with kidney failure from a bacterial infection check out this link to A Current Affair.


  • Closing Pubs and Clubs Early Won't Reduce Violence

    Business owners on the Sunshine Coast who are dedicated to the responsible service of alcohol contend that making pubs and clubs close earlier will do nothing to reduce the level of violence on the streets.

  • A Hamburger With The Pot

    An employee of Wendy's has been fired and charged with cannabis possession after dropping a partially smoked marijuana cigarette into a customer's burger.