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  • Dirty Supermarkets

    A Today Tonight investigation has uncovered a real mess and potential health risk in Australian Supermarkets. Food that is out of date, filthy conditions and insects running around were found in this undercover investigation.

    Employees have admitted that cleaning is not a priority and they are not given enough time to clean.

  • What did you like about doing your RSA training online with CFT?

    Below are 5 comments from online participants for February.

  • Keep food safely during blackouts

    While Cyclone Yasi didn't hit the Gold Coast, and we narrowly escaped the brunt on the January floods, we are still in the middle of storm season, which means that power outages are not an uncommon occurrence.

    This can had a big impact as power outages affect the usual means of refrigeration.

  • Caught Out!

    A 16 year old girl who won a wet t-shirt competition in Broome has cost her friend $200. The teen won first prize of $500 on New Year's Eve, by using a friend's identification and tricking Roebuck Bay Hotel into believing she was 18. The licensee was fined $1,000.

  • Clean Money

    A clinic in Milan that gives nurses who work with premature babies an annual bonus of A$3900 when they wash their hands properly has seen a 30% drop in hospital spread diseases. The 70 nurses at the Mangiangalli clinic are monitored on closed-circuit televisions to make sure they use the right technique and spend the necessary amount of time scrubbing.

    Gold Coast Bulletin 1/1/11.

  • Gamble Control

    Anti-pokie campaigner Andrew Wilkie wants gamblers to be included in a system which allows them to pre-set the amount they want to gamble.  The Federal Government has told states and territories to legislate pre-commitment limits on poker machines by May.  It wants the system, which could include cards with gamblers' fingerprints, to be fully operational by 2014.

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  • Tonga makes light about food poisoning bout

    It usually takes a fair bit to bring down giant Gold Coast Titan centre Esi Tonga.

    But the emerging star recently met his match in the form of an undercooked chook.

    Tonga is set to be sent on a Master Chef course by the club after spending a week in hospital with salmonella poisoning.

    The big fella has been copping it from team mates over the embarrassing incident.

  • Pregnant women need to remember food safety to avoid risks

    Listeria is a bacterial infection transmitted from eating contaminated foods. With Australian food standards, Listeria infections are extremely rare.

  • Food safety myths making us ill

    A 1/4 of the Australian population is struck down with food poisoning every year and the nation's food safety  body says we often have ourselves to blame.

    Just as salmonella proliferated widely, so did food handling "myths" says the Food Safety Information Council.

    "A popular misconception that it's safe to defrost food on the bench...can lead to people becoming very ill,"

  • Older friends a danger to school leavers - RSA and Minors

    Young parents or older friends of school leavers are more likely to buy teenagers alcohol, despite an $8,000 fine, our survey shows.

    Almost 50% of 18-34 year olds who responded to The Sunday Mail - Nine News State of Families survey said it was ok to supply underage teens with alcohol.

    That compared to 79% of people overall who believed it was a no-no..........