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  • CFT QLD Nominated for Regional Achievement and Community Awards - Employment and Training Award 2010

    CFT QLD has been nominated for the Employment and Training Award.  This award will acknowledge and highlight the continued success and achievements of businesses that are creating job opportunities within their communities and offering job placement to those most affected by unemployment.

  • RSA - How the Government plans to keep drinkers safe on the streets - Our New Party Precincts

    Three safe areas have been nominated by Queensland Government, Fortitude Valley, Surfers Paradise and Townsville.

    Fortitude Valley - Police officers increased from 78-102 during peak times.

  • New drink havens to ban troublemakers

    A major overhaul of  Queensland's drinking culture will be spearheaded by a massive police blitz on new designated pub club zones across the state.

  • Adult Proof of Age Card ID

    The Queensland Government is introducing the Adult Proof of Age card.

    Currently the 18+ card costs $25.65. The Adult Proof of Age Card is a more secure, more durable and more credible replacement for Card 18+, a five year Adult Proof of Age card will cost $35.80 when it is introduced.

    The Adult Proof of Age Card will provide proof of age for Queenslanders 18 years of age and older. It is ideal for people who do not drive.

    All current Card 18+ products will still be recognised and moving to the new card is optional. However, new cards will be given to all new Adult Proof of Age Card applicants.

  • Suspect water taken for sale

    Water trucks have been taking domestic supplies from springs near where contaminated groundwater was found at Kingaroy, locals claim.

    The residents claim contractors took water from a main spring inside a marked 2km exclusion zone after farmers were ordered to shut down their bores after toxic chemicals benzene and toluene were found.

  • Keeping an Eye on Food Recalls - Food Safety

    Food identified as a risk to public health and safety is recalled. Recalls are normally triggered by consumer complaints, company testing or government testing.

  • Betting is on Cairns

    Cairns would become Australia's answer to Las Vegas under a controversial scheme to transform it into the national centre for poker machines.

    The proposal was aired on 5th July at Brisbane at one of the tourism industry's key annual conventions, Tourism Futures.

  • Online pokies are a political gamble

    A recent article by Peter Cameron of the Gold Coast Bulletin makes us question the sudden push to legalise online poker in Australia, when our annual gambling losses are nudging $20 billion.

    Even though the number of poker  machines in Queensland is capped at 47,000 and $50 and $100 notes cannot be fed into them, regular machine players spend up to $8,000 a year.

  • Food Safety - Frog-burger enough to make you jump

    Next time you tuck into a salad, check to see whether there are any frogs' legs in the mix.  Frogs are notorious for weaseling their way into fresh produce, largely due to their camouflaging ability among the leaves.

    Three were recently brought into the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Hospital.............after unsuspecting consumers found them in lettuce and banana leaves.

  • RSG - Pokie odds exposed - losses disguised as wins - Today Tonight 11 May 2010

    Trained mathematician Professor Kevin Harrigan has broken the code of poker machines that exposes how poker machine manufacturers get players hooked.  The poker machines are designed to make people think they have won money, when in fact they have lost. It is illegal in Australia for machines to mislead or deceive.    To see this video

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