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No we don't want Pizza with that!

A Robina mother is understandably cheesed off after finding braided wire in a frozen pizza base from Coles.

Heather Judson bought a packet of Coles brand pizza bases from the Elanora store so she could make homemade pizzas for the family Tuesday night but after opening it noticed that one of the pizza bases had a ‘greenish mark’ on it.

She stated that her son’s girlfriend thought that it was mould and that’s when the wire literally sprang out upon further investigation. The wire was in two pieces and no doubt it was very lucky that it was spotted straight away and did not end up in the hands of one of the children.

A spokesperson for Coles said that that it appeared to be an isolated incident with no other complaints received. Coles had been in touch with the customer and intends to look into the incident with their supplier.

The last word should be left to Ms Judson, “Thank God I didn’t bloody swallow it.”

Yes indeed ….



Source  :  Gold Coast Bulletin, 5th January 2018