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NSW Bakery fined for food safety breaches

Box Village Bakery fined for food safety breaches

The owners of a Sylvania bakery at the centre of a Salmonella outbreak that affected more than 200 people in January 2016 have been fined a total of $122,000 and ordered to pay $7,199 professional costs after each was convicted of ten breaches of the Food Act 2003.
The owners of the Box Village Bakery, Thi Thu Ngo and Hung Son Le each pleaded guilty to five breaches of selling unsafe food, and five breaches of failing to meet food safety standards and were fined $61,000 each.
The NSW Food Authority commenced investigation into the bakery after it was notified of an outbreak where each of the affected people had eaten from the premises.
There were 203 documented cases of people who had presented to hospitals and other health care providers with symptoms of gastroenteritis including vomiting, diarrhea and fever after consuming bakery items such as chicken rolls and salads that were linked back to the bakery.
One woman was forced to undergo an emergency caesarean and deliver her baby five weeks early when she became violently ill after eating a hot chicken roll with gravy from the bakery.
During its investigation the NSW Food Authority issued a Prohibition Order requiring the business to cease operations.
The business was only permitted to reopen and trade after it completed extensive work to ensure the bakery had been thoroughly cleaned and fully compliant with food safety laws.

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Source:  The Sydney Morning Herald 13 December 2017