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OzHarvest pop-up cafe entices customers with free lunch for social media post

harvested, OzHarvest's pop-up cafe in Pyrmont, are offering a free lunch to anyone who posts a picture on the various forms of social media using the hashtag #mealforameal.

The renowned food rescue organisation will be turning food waste into quality meals that could be served at any restaurant when it opens the doors on 12th May to its Pyrmont pop-up cafe, the first ever for the organisation. The project became possible when City West Housing, an affiliated partner organisation, donated empty restaurant space to them under a three month lease.

Travis Harvey, the mastermind behind the pop-up cafe and top chef, will head up the kitchen. "The idea behind harvested is simple. It takes a challenge that OzHarvest and our food recipients have to face every day ... what to do with surplus food that society has rejected because of its appearance, discolouration or slight imperfections? We wanted the public to experience this too, and see how good it can be," he said. "We want people to discover by dining at harvested, that there's nothing wrong with this produce and that high quality, nutritious and wholesome meals can be made from ingredients that would normally be discarded simply by the application of a little imagination and effort."

On 27 July, 2015 OzHarvest will launch its national campaign, Think.Eat.Save. It is encouraging members of the public to come and enjoy meals that are made from ingredients that would have otherwise ended up in landfill for a $15 donation.

On the 12 May free meals will be available to those who post a picture on social media thanks to Virgin Mobile, who will donate 50 cents to OzHarvest for every hashtag post, allowing one meal to be donated to someone in need.


Source  :  Hospitality Magazine, 7 May 2015