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Parents of teens may need to undertake bar style training

  • Parents should take bar courses for teen parties - experts
  • Police say move could help quell out-of-control parties
  • Most adults "clueless" on providing safe settings for drinking

An online course for adults hosting teen parties, set up by Australian Drug Foundation, where alcohol will be served may have to undertake bartender-style training sometime in the near future.

John Rogerson, ADF chief executive said training comparable to Responsible Service of Alcohol course, should be mandatory for parents to undertake free of charge.

The incentive is backed by Police who says it could result in fewer call-outs to out of control house parties.

There are fines in Victoria for the supply of  alcohol to minors in a private home without permission from their parents. These fines can range up to $7,000.

Source: Herald Sun Adelaide - 17 Feb 2012

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