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Parents Told to Stop Poisoning Children With Cancer Causing Foods

England tells parents to stop ‘poisoning’ their children by allowing them to over indulge in sugary processed food and drinks and reminds them that they may be putting their children at risk of obesity which is related to illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of England’s Department of Health (NHS), urges parents to take responsibility of what their children consume and states that if action is not taken now, the NHS will not be able to handle the estimated number of people who will eventually need obesity related healthcare, let alone the more serious cases that obesity may cause.
A study conducted by Harvard University reinforces this point where they have estimated that by the year 2025 obesity will be the primary cause of cancer.
In an attempt to reduce and prevent such things from occurring, the UK is urging that these sugary treats are instead substituted with food and drinks such as water, milk and fruits.
Although unhealthier options such as packing a lunch with a packet of chips or buying fast food for dinner may be easier and quicker than preparing healthier food options such cutting up a piece of fruit or preparing a home cooked meal, it must be realised that the consequences far outweigh the convenience of it all.
To read more: 2 June 2015