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Promote healthy food and drinks at your canteen

Every school canteen appreciates helpful promotional ideas to boost their sales. It is a ‘no-brainer’ that promoting and increasing sales of ‘Green Foods’ ie. healthy food and drinks can present its challenges so we have put together some ideas to help promote these foods at your tuckshop successfully :

·        Place the healthy items at the top of your menu and identify them with a green dot and present them in bold writing

·        Use words to describe how the items look, taste or are served such as ‘Mouth-watering pizza melts’ or ‘Juicy corn cobs drizzled with sweet chilli sauce’

·        Run competitions for the students to name the items as they know what they like!

·        Try linking the names of the foods with popular themes, bands, movies, sports or special events such as ‘Footballer’s frittata’ or ‘One Direction meal deal’

·        Display the name, price and perhaps ingredients of your healthy food and drinks

·        Ensure that your fruit and vegetables are fresh, crisp and vibrant in colour

·        Display sandwiches, wraps and rolls with their fillings facing forward so that the students can see what they are buying

·        Position the healthier choices up the front at eye level and within easy reach of the students

·        Place only healthy items at the cash register to encourage healthy last minute choices

·        Use colourful and fun packaging to make healthier items look appetising!

·        Ensure that you have good lighting to highlight foods and drinks on display

·        Use display shelves and props to help present your food in an attractive way. For example, line a bowl with a clean and colourful tea towel to give baked items a ‘home cooked feel’ or provide a colourful display stand for the Green snacks


Source  :  Healthy Together Victoria website