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The pros of serving up edible insects and adding them to your menu

The Western palate is not, admittedly, overly familiar with bugs. The idea of consuming an insect at mealtime is not something that may appeal to most but these little protein sources have gained a significant amount of attention over the past few years within the food industry.

High profile Australian chefs including Matt Stone and Kylie Kwong have experimented with the creepy crawlies in their restaurants in recent times.

Skye Blackburn, founder of the Edible Bug Shop, says that the popularity of edible insects within Australia has grown considerably within the last two or three years. Blackburn says, "we've been breeding them for about seven years now, but over the last two or three years in particular, we have seen a big expansion in the edible insect area. I think people are now a lot more interested in where their food comes from, are much more ethically minded, and are also beginning to realise that edible insects are a sustainable form of protein that they can use."

Apparently different breeds of the same family of insects have different flavours, determining which kind of dish each variety is suitable for. Some insects have a nutty flavour such as crickets and mealworms while others are better suited to sweet dishes.


Source  : Hospitality Magazine, 25 November 2014