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Queensland RSA Online Courses and Their Importance to Australian Society

 The consumption of alcohol in Australia as a whole is defined by moderation, but in all regions there are those who drink to excess and cause harm to themselves and others. In Queensland, 93% of those aged 14 or older had consumed alcohol in the past 12 months (2010 statistic), with 47% drinking on a weekly basis, and 11% drinking daily. In addition, alcohol consumption is responsible for approximately 774 deaths per year in Queensland (73% of deaths are premature). Looking at these statistics it becomes glaringly obvious that some measure of protection and regulation is necessary to ensure that those who are inclined to drink to excess do not harm themselves or others. Queensland RSA Online courses are one way that the safe service of alcohol is being made readily available.

There is no question that the excessive and consistent consumption of alcohol is linked to myriad of health consequences, both immediate and long-term. The most common cause of alcohol related death, regardless of gender, is liver cirrhosis. However, alcohol related deaths common in the Queensland region also include road traffic injury, colon cancer, hemorrhagic stroke, and suicide. Apart from direct health consequences for the individual, excessive alcohol consumption has far reaching familial and societal effects. Establishing a culture of excess and encouraging this behavior in young adults by the lax regulation of alcohol and drug sales, will decrease the labor force, put stress on the health care system, and target the very fabric of a productive society. With Queensland RSA Online courses, any individual can gain vital skills to preventing a culture of excess; the more who engage in this training, the more commonplace it will be to take caution in the consumption and sale of liquor.

The high risk consumption of alcohol is highest in young males, but is commonplace in all genders in the 15-24 age range. Those in this age range are also most likely to drink to excess, which is why over half of all serious alcohol related road injuries involve those in the 15-24 year old age range.  At a young age, the brain is still developing and establishing thought patterns that can be greatly stunted with the consistent ingestion of alcohol beverages. Encouraging this behavior is damaging the future productivity of Queenslanders, which ultimately impacts the region, and country as a whole. As such, any individuals entering the alcohol service industry is required to undergo Responsible Service of alcohol training. With Queensland RSA Online courses, individuals will learn how to spot risk factors and properly prevent intoxication that could cause injury.

A Queensland RSA Online course will not only teach individuals to spot risk factors, but give them the confidence to treat patrons with respect when attempting to limit or stop their consumption patterns. Being able to properly anticipate and deal with excessive drinking is key to maintaining the safety of any establishment, and society as a whole. At CFTQLD (http://www.cftqld.com.au/), we believe that not only is safe regulation of alcohol beneficial in the short term, but the more knowledgeable individuals are of the dangers of excessive consumption, the more a culture of moderation will be encouraged.