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RMLV and Better Business Operations

The completion of a Responsible Management of Licensed Venue (RMLV) course is mandatory for all licensees and approved managers of liquor licensed venues in Queensland. The more one knows about this kind of training, the better an operation can run, and this affects everything from how your venue is viewed in the community, to the amount of money you make.

For example, there is always the issue of refusing service to an unreasonable customer. In the restaurant business, this can be handled with reason, but what about when the customer is intoxicated? Should security staff be sent for right away, or should the bar staff try and handle things as reasonably as possible? What rights do you have as a venue, and when does a patron give up their right to requesting service? All of these questions are addressed in a RMLV course.  This alone can do wonders for increasing business. With staff that know how to handle irrational patrons, customers will feel safe coming to your bar, and staff will feel confident knowing how to handle any situation, what their responsibilities are, and when they should step away from a potentially hostile confrontation. Staff safety can be one of the greatest deterrents for a venue’s reputation, but as a good reputation grows, you’ll have a number of qualified and motivated individuals who want to work for you as well as loyal patrons that frequent you venue.   If the staff feels comfortable at your venue, then your customers will feel like they are in good care as well.

Understanding the legal relationship between the venue, its customers, and its suppliers; the several kinds of permits and licenses and the freedoms afforded by each; the reasonable limits of noise and what a venue can do to control it; and the effect alcohol has on the body are all provided by RMLV training. Applying this knowledge to your business practice will give you the advantage in the industry of knowing exactly what your legal rights are, how to negotiate with suppliers, and make operations as smooth as possible. Some courses even provide insight into how to structure management of your venue. This becomes important as the business begins to expand, and keeps the day-to-day operations from interfering with management. Structuring a business creates more positions, and more opportunities for employee growth. With a chain of command, employees have a better idea of the structure of the business, and provides them with motivation to be promoted.

This mandatory RMLV course provides you with not only the knowledge to keep your business safe, but one that will equip you to help it flourish in an incredibly competitive industry. The RMLV training will equip you with the knowledge that will help your customers, your employees, and your chances of becoming one of the venues that will become less of a venue over time and more of a landmark, the kind that needs to be experienced by neighbors and tourists alike. 

If you are thinking of opening your own licensed establishment, check out our RMLV courses to get started on the right path.