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An RMLV Course gives you the Responsibility of the Establishment

As manager, you have many responsibilities to different groups of people. An RMLV course will teach you to meet the needs of different groups of people while keeping them all satisfied.

As the manager of a licensed venue, you have many responsibilities to a lot of people, one being to recognise when a customer is becoming a threat and the staff need some help. With the RMLV certificate, you will know what to do to meet your responsibilities to both the staff in your employ and to the customers.

You do have a responsibility to the customers. They are your responsibility because they are keeping your establishment in business. Of course, you want them to be happy and content, and you don’t want the regulations set by the Liquor Act to anger them and send them elsewhere. You need to be able to manage them responsibly and an RMLV certificate will help you step in where needed to tactfully and gracefully do what is needed to please the customer while following the rules of the establishment. Dealing with drunk and difficult people is not easy if you want them to leave happy.

You have a responsibility to the community that hosts the drinking establishment. Sending people who have had too much to drink out into the night may be hazardous to others. Vandalism, violent behavior and drunk driving are all some of the dangers that a person coming out of our bar may pose. It is your responsibility as the RMLV holder to make sure that they are not a danger to themselves or to others.

You have a responsibility to the owners. They want the bar to be a success and depend on you to manage the customers and the staff in a way that pleases all and brings in more business. They also trust that you will not incur any fines or lawsuits that affect the business and put it in danger of breaking regulations. With an RMLV certificate, you will understand and ensure that you are aware of all the regulations that pertain to the bar’s situation.

You have a responsibility to your staff. Bartending, wait staff and servers all have received the Responsible Server of Alcohol Certificate. They know that they have to serve responsibly and manage the customers correctly. However, sometimes, they are going to run into some troubles when customers are difficult, too flirtatious, threatening or otherwise hard to manage when they are cut off. Your RMLV course will help you handle these situations professionally.

You have a responsibility to yourself. As a professional, you want to do your job well and ensure that you have a good reputation to take to your next job. After an RMLV course, you will be able to manage the bar well; of course, you will have an easier time, as you will know that everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities and you will be able to trust that everything is going smoothly and you are not held liable for anything that may go wrong.

All of these groups - staff, customers, community, owners and you – have rights and expectations that you must meet. Find out how to manage all of them by taking an RMLV training course from CFT QLD. An RMLV course will help you understand and juggle those responsibilities.