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RMLV Training Educates Managers on Responsible Supervision in a Licensed Venue

All managers who work in a licensed venue in Queensland, Australia must pass an RMLV course to manage a restaurant or bar that serves alcohol. This learning ensures each venue will have a responsible and trained associate overseeing its liquor sales and reinforcing proper service techniques.

RMLV stands for Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue. As of January 1st, 2009, all restaurant and bar licensees in Queensland must possess a RMLV certificate, supplying them with strategies to improve their business and protect their patrons. A RMLV certificate is valid for three years until it must be renewed. It is the manager or owner’s responsibility to make sure any approved managers, directors or supervisors has this training. RMLV also applies to those seeking new licenses, if there is a transfer of a license to a new licensee, or if the manager themselves has not completed the course within the three-year time frame.

The Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation created the RMLV course. It educates managers on several aspects of safe and responsible liquor handling. Some specific content found in the course includes learning the way alcohol reacts with the body, the various licenses and permits available and the perimeters of each, legalities of a licensed venue, strategies to reduce alcohol related harm, limit noise, identify intoxication, and manage patron consumption. It also gives managers the tools to educate and train staff on proper liquor handling procedures and improve efficiency of their establishment.

    In terms of safety, it is important that the manager receives proper liquor training in order to supervise a licensed area. RMLV is designed to regulate venues and promote safe and responsible environments for people to enjoy themselves. The course centers on the Queensland Liquor Act, which serves the purpose of minimizing all health risk or violence associated with liquor consumption. A manager is accountable for their establishment and should be fully aware and observant of all its activities.

    The RMLV course can be completed over a minimum of 10 hours and can be delivered in a classroom over two days by an approved trainer.  It also includes the RSA course. Responsible Management of a Licensed Venue differs from Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). RMLV training focuses on proper management of a licensed venue, delivering business methods and responsible supervision tactics. RSA courses deliver employees with alcohol knowledge, so they can be employed at a licensed venue and perform responsible sales and service.

    There are community-based exceptions to a licensee. The licensee is not required to have RMLV training if liquor is sold by volunteers in a community setting under a community club license, community other license, community liquor permit or restricted liquor permit. Although the licensee is exempt, they must have taken steps to ensure liquor handling is supervised by an RSA certified individual.

    The laws in Queensland specify that all approved managers are expected to have their RMLV certificate in order to run a licensed institution. This certification creates awareness and educates licensed bar owners and managers on proper management skills and liquor procedures. It’s also a way to regulate venues, keep staff and patrons safe, increase liquor knowledge, improve customer service, prevent violence and underage drinking, and operate a successful business where everyone is satisfied. To become certified, enroll in our online RMLV course today.