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 There are many individuals who enjoy the consumption of alcohol in moderation; they drink to celebrate special occasions, they drink to ease social interaction, and they drink to relax. There is nothing inherently wrong with enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage, but when this consumption reaches excessive levels there are far reaching consequences on an individual and societal level. Through initiatives that assist alcohol providers in regulating and managing the consumption of alcohol, steps are being taken to decrease the instances of alcohol related death and injury. RSA Course Online Training is available to all those staff and management who work in the alcohol service and provision sector, in order to allow them to safely and legally sell alcohol to the public.

The information contained in a RSA Course Online will range from contextualization of alcohol abuse in larger society to identifying risk factors of alcoholism, to mechanisms that can be utilized when dealing with intoxicated individuals. There are many legal aspects to the safe sale of alcohol to the public; licensed establishments have a responsibility to complete all necessary steps in ensuring the safety of all those on the premises. This responsibility extends to the actions of individuals off the premises after consuming alcohol at an establishment; any injury or harm cause by an intoxicated individual can be traced to the initial establishment and legal action can be taken. Establishments have a legal and moral imperative to take every possible step in ensuring that no individuals leaves the premises with the intention of endangering themselves or others.

One of the most vital skills that is gleaned from RSA Course Online training is how to spot individuals who are at higher risk for excessive consumption. Social situations where large groups are celebrating a particular event, for example, is a breeding ground of excessive consumption of alcohol. These groups should be monitored closely to ensure that intoxication is controlled and that individuals leave premises in a safe manner. In order to prevent individuals from becoming dangerously intoxicated, staff members must know how to spot when an individual has drunk too much. Not only should they keep an eye on how many drinks they serve an individual, but be able to recognize the physical signs of intoxication. Signs such as a raised voice, impaired speech, and lack of coordination are all indicators that should be closely monitored.

After gaining the skills to recognize the signs of intoxication, an RSA Course Online will train individuals on how to deal with people who exhibit these signs. For many servers and bartenders, the process of ‘cutting somebody off’ is stressful, as individuals very well might react negatively. Approaching this interaction with a calm and respectful demeanor while being firm and utilizing the friend group of the intoxicated individual, is the best way to effectively manage this situation. Certain skills can be taught, but using skills learned in an RSA Course also requires practice; through the guidance of management and fellow employees, this process will become more fluid and comfortable as time goes on. Ensuring the safety of all patrons and staff is of the utmost importance, and skills learned through RSA courses online with CFTQLD, could mean the difference between a safe return home and serious injury.