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RSA Videos & Fact Sheets

RSA Videos

Watch the below video showing a minor being refused service when attempting to purchase alcohol.


What would you do if someone planked on one of your pool tables where you worked? Would you be able to ask them to leave in a professional manner? Watch the below video for some tips.


The below videos are presented in partnership with Diageo. Promoting responsible drinking.

The below video looks at The Crossroads... is you customer about to cross the line? If a situation escalates, you need to have a strategy to deal with it. Your venue should have a procedure in place which provides guidance on how to manage an incident. 


The next video looks at The Situation - Sorting it Out. It's important to know how you plan to deal with a situation before you take action and to work as a team to address the issue in a polite and firm way.


Below is a list of QLD Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation Fact Sheets.


Secondary Supply 

Liquor Licensing in the Brisbane City Council area

Child Employment Regulation

Drink Spiking

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Minors The Law & You