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The RSA Online QLD Course Delivers Responsibility

Responsible consumption of alcohol is everyone’s responsibility, including the server. As the server, you need to know your rights and responsibilities before you start work and the RSA Online QLD course can provide information to do the work properly.

In Queensland, everyone serving alcohol must have a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate proving that they are aware of the risks and dangers of drinking too much and that they understand how the server and licensed establishment can contribute to, or remove the dangers of over-consumption of alcohol. But why should it be the problem of the server how much the patron drinks? A bar is in the business of selling alcohol, so why should they be forced to limit what they sell? If the customer is buying, then the bar should be selling. Isn’t it the customer’s responsibility to decide what is right for them? Actually, no. It’s everyone’s responsibility. That’s why courses such as the RSA Online QLD exist – to make sure that everyone understands that responsibility.

A patron who doesn’t think he has a problem, a server who doesn’t limit, a friend who doesn’t caution, a manager who doesn’t insist on server responsibility and a customer who doesn’t know when to call a taxi. All of these people contribute to the problems that drinking excessive alcohol can cause, so it is up to all of them to limit the problems. The RSA Online QLD course is there to help the servers manage their part of the situation.

With the RSA QLD course, the server will recognise when enough is enough, before it’s too late. A server cannot work in a bar in Queensland without knowing how to protect the customer, the business establishment and themselves.

When the server takes the RSA Online QLD course, they gain a lot of valuable knowledge to help them do the job. They will learn the basic facts about the drinks they are serving and about the effects of alcohol, blood alcohol content and how much alcohol is in a standard drink. They will know how much alcohol can be consumed before there is a danger to the drinker. The server needs to know prevention as well – preventing intoxication and preventing underage drinking.

Of course, it is true that a bar is a bar and is selling alcohol to make a profit. Once again though, safety is everyone’s responsibility. The person over-imbibing may hurt many people unintentionally while under the influence, and the server and the establishment are responsible for the innocent affected. The RSA Online QLD course will teach the server to be able to refuse alcohol service while still maintaining excellent customer service, so that the drinking establishment can still keep its customers. Customers can become difficult, and can possibly be a danger for the server, so the National  requirements met by the RSA Online QLD course ensures that the server knows how to handle the difficult customers in the best way possible.

Finally, the RSA online QLD course also teaches the legal issues of Responsible Service of Alcohol. Who is responsible under the law for intoxicated customers who commit felonies or damage properties? What fines may the licensed establishment incur?

Responsible serving of alcohol is everyone’s responsibility – server, owner, drinker and friends. Find out what you can do as a server to ensure everyone’s safety, including your own, with an RSA online QLD course from CFT QLD.